• 3:13
  • I Don't Know About Tomorrow5:51
  • 1:54
  • 6:07
  • Peace Be Still6:26
  • 4:00
  • Worship Medley: Oh Come Let Let Us Adore Him/my Faith Looks Up To Thee/holy, Holy, Holy/praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow5:02

 Joseph E. Hall Funeral Home​

Josephine Dixon

​***Please be advised, funerals are limited to 33% church capacity and cemetery ceremonies to 25 people or 50 if held outdoors. Babies 12 months and under are not included in the limit.  More than 50 people at a grave site capacity is unlawful at this time.  Please wear a mask and practice social distancing at all services attended. 

Went to eternal peace   December 20, 2020

Sunrise September 12, 1926 Sunset January 3, 2021

Took flight to be with the Lord, December 31, 2020

Elder Emerson Poole

Far right Joseph E. Hall and Betty Shabazz (Wife of the late Malcom X) followed by various pictures of the service for the Late Malcom X.

 Alfred R. James